Luar Body Piercing

Luar Body Piercing studio strives to demolish the stereotype of body art studios. We guarantee a calm, caring experience, using the highest of sterilization practices that go above and beyond health board regulations. Upon entering our doors, we ensure everyone feels welcome, safe, and taken care of. Breathe a sigh of relief, you're home.

Our senior Professional Body Piercer, Sea Dawne, has been based in the Okanagan for over 8 years. She has had the opportunity throughout her career to train with a handful of different senior piercers; enabling her to bring you the most modern techniques, practices, and an elevated knowledge of jewelry and human anatomy.

Luar uses solely Ti-6Al-4V ELI ASTM-136, implant grade Titanium jewelry for all initial piercings. This is the most biocompatible metal on the market, ensuring optimal comfort and healing. The kicker? We don't mark up the cost by 600%. We at Luar pride ourselves on having fair prices for high quality jewelry. We are not here to simply take money, we want you to have the best of the best, because we care.

Our studio also carries a variety of high end and high quality body jewelry for purchase. We promise there is something for everyone. Need or want something but don't see it? Worry not- we can have anything you desire custom ordered to the studio for you. We will not tell you no or turn you away- unless it is in your body's best interest, in which case, we will help find a safe alternative for you.

LUAR GOLD is Luar’s exclusive jewelry line. Each piece is entirely handcrafted by our Gold Smith, Gustavo Godeghesi.. right here in our studio! Gustavo is from Sao, Paulo Brazil, and completed his training with Romanian Master Gold Smith, Gavril Sucz. All Gold used is solid 14K or up new Gold, nickel free, and never Rhodium plated. We do accept custom order requests, including body jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings and most other jewelry. Looking to have something unique or specific made for you? Send us a message! We ship Canada wide.

Luar was the Okanagan's first studio to provide Tooth Gem application. Sea Dawne completed training with T. Barrett, a reputable Body Modification Artist based in Los Angeles, California. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes brought to you from L.A!