Price List

Price List

“All parties under the age of 19 require legal parent/guardian consent. All parties must have valid Government issued ID present with them, and if relevant, valid proof of guardianship. Please visit our “book now” page to review all necessary ID requirements. Without a valid form of ID we are not able to perform any piercing services.”

Prices listed below include your basic initial Ti-6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F136, implant grade, Titanium jewelry. A variety of high-quality upgraded jewelry (Swarovski Crystals, synthetic and genuine Opals, genuine precious stones, Diamonds, Gold, etc.) are available for an extra fee.

*AGE restrictions are posted beside each piercing for your health and safety. These age limits have been put in place by our Senior Professional Piercers- having years of experience, education, and industry knowledge.

*Prices do not include TAX.

Eyebrow $90 – 16 and up
Nose $81 – 13 and up
Septum $86 – 16 and up

Anti-Tragus $86 – 14 and up
Conch $81 – 14 and up
Daith $80 – 16 and up
Helix/Flat $81 – 13 and up
Forward Helix $81 – 16 and up
Industrial $90 – 16 and up
Lobes (each) $40 – 10 and up
Rook $91 – 16 and up
Tragus $81 – 16 and up

Dahlia (each) $81 – 16 and up
Lip (bottom center/side) $81 – 16 and up
Medusa/Philtrum $86 – 16 and up

Microdermal $126 – 19 and up
Navel $80 – 15 and up

Nipple (one) $88 – 19 and up
VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood) $120 – 19 and up

**Please note; All piercings are heavily anatomy based (particularly: Navel, Daith, Rook, Anti Tragus, Industrial and Genital) and require a consultation at the time of your appointment to ensure adequate healing of your new piercing.**