The “Migraine” Piercing

“The one that helps with migraines. The one in the ear! What is it?”

The Daith. Some pronounce it ‘day-th’, some say ‘daw-th’. Tomato Tom-aw-to I suppose. As the inter-web puts it, “It is the ears innermost cartilage fold, the crus of the helix.”

Let’s throw-down a little history low-down while we’re here. This piercing was first performed by Erik Dakota and named “da’at”, which in Hebrew means knowledge.

This name, brought to us under the presumption that one must have been very smart to figure out how to perform such a thing. (Blessed. Am doin a intelligent.) Enter Fakir Musafar. God of modern day Body Piercing (may he rest in peace). Fakir valiantly and with talent- paved the way to shape the body modification industry and culture we know and love today.

Though he wasn’t the first to tackle this one, he did aid it in being well known and performed. Daith piercings are considered an advanced technique piercing. Not everyone has the appropriate anatomy to actually have this piercing. These things considered, you should certainly do your research on what professional piercer to visit prior to jumping on board (given that should be done prior to all piercings). Now, buckle up for the answer you’ve been reading for.

There is absolutely no verified or supported medical studies or proof that Daith piercings actually help relieve migraine pain/symptoms. Sure, it's said there is a pressure point in the Daith known to be used in acupuncture/acupressure. It is said to hit an area near the vagus nerve.

As a professional piercer, I have performed countless Daith piercings. So does it work? Honestly, more clients than not have told me that it did make a positive difference, sometimes significantly. Alas, some have told me it didn’t help at all. I’ve also had people tell me they heard Tragus piercings help control appetite and aid in weight loss.

This however is probably something you should consider not paying as much mind to. Is it a placebo effect? The sugar pill of piercings? Maybe. My advice to anyone considering trying this piercing (after informing them of all these things) is generally.. why not? If it helps you feel better, great! If it doesn’t change your symptoms- you have a new piercing.

On the upside, there are so many incredibly beautiful and unique jewelry options for Daith piercings! 🖤

Sea Dawne
Senior Professional Piercer
Luar Body Piercing