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Name: Sea Dawne

From: Ontario, Canada


Body piercing was always an outlet for me. It made me feel confident, powerful, and was something I could control. Sometimes it represented an important time in my life. I started Luar in hopes of giving this feeling to other people. The freedom. I also wanted to elevate our industry. To raise the bar. Bigger, better, more. To create a safe haven for everyone to be loved, cherished, and celebrated for who they are. My favourite piece of jewelry is our Aphrodite cuff. I’ve been wearing one in my Septum now for almost 2 years. They’re so classy, but also a statement piece! I’m all about the bold jewelry. My favourite piecing is the Medusa (Philtrum).
I LOVE them.

Name: Gustavo Godeghesi

From: Sao Paulo, Brazil


Body piercing was a way for me to break the mold. It all started in 2000 with a few of my friends, we were all fascinated by it. Body piercing also runs deep in ancient native Brazilian culture. Now I get to hand make jewelry and see it worn by so many people. It means something. Sometimes it’s to represent a significant time, a loved one, or just because. I’m honoured to be able to play a role in that. My favourite piece of jewelry is anything with princess cut Diamonds. They’re so beautiful. My favourite piercing is the Tragus piercing! It’s the first piercing I ever got, almost 20 years ago. I still have it!

Name: Harleigh Stefura

From: Ontario, Canada


Body piercing to me is the most unique form of self expression and empowerment. It’s something you have full control of and can constantly be able to change. To me, my piercings and jewelry give me a sense of confidence even when I don’t feel my best. I can have no makeup on, be wearing my pyjamas and still get to admire all the little accessories that are now a part of me. Body piercing gives you the chance to adorn and decorate yourself. To feel however you want to feel – whether that means feeling elegant, beautiful or like a total badass. I was always really interested in the piercing and tattoo industry, I got my first professional piercing when I was 11 or 12 and things have just gotten to grow for me from there! Now not only do I get to just sell you jewelry, but I get to be apart of your entire experience, from picking your piece to seeing the look on your face and the confidence in your walk once you leave the piercing room.

I’m a huge sucker for our Martello Flats (hammer tops). The day I’m not wearing at least one of them is going to be a really strange day for me. I love SEPTUM piercings! It’s the centre piece for that adorable face of yours. I feel like my septum completes my piercings and can change the vibe of your look so fast!

You can never take too much care over the choice of your sunglasses and jewlery.