Founder & Senior piercer

Sea Dawne

“Body piercing was always an outlet for me. It made me feel confident, powerful, and was something I could control. Sometimes it represented an important time in my life. I started Luar in hopes of giving this feeling to other people. The freedom. I also wanted to elevate our industry. To raise the bar. Bigger, better, more. To create a safe haven  for everyone to be loved, cherished, and celebrated for who they are. My favourite piece of jewelry is our Talao Clicker hoop. It’s so cute and can be paired with anything to match any style. They’re so classy, but also a statement piece! I’m all about the bold jewelry. My favourite piecing is the Medusa (Philtrum).I LOVE them.”

Professional Body Piercer

Harleigh Stefura

“Body piercing to me is the most unique form of self expression and empowerment. It’s something you have full control of and can constantly be able to change. To me, my piercings and jewelry give me a sense of confidence even when I don’t feel my best. I can have no makeup on, be wearing my pyjamas and still get to admire all the little accessories that are now a part of me. Body piercing gives you the chance to adorn and decorate yourself. To feel however you want to feel - whether that means feeling elegant, beautiful or like a total badass. I’m a huge sucker for our Martello Flats (hammer tops). The day I’m not wearing at least one of them is going to be a really strange day for me. I love SEPTUM piercings! I feel like my septum completes my piercings!

Studio & Operations Manager

Chloe Funk

“One thing I’ve noticed while working in the industry is that Piercing will always have a different meaning for everyone. For some, it’s to break the shell of conformity, it can be a way to express your personal style, and for others it’s so they can wear their family heirlooms. 
My most meaningful moments at Luar solely involve the people. From the wonderful women that make these piercings possible, to the clients and their loyalty to the shop. I truly value the community and friendship that Piercing has created. My favourite piercing would definitely have to be the Conch. There are a million different ways to customize, from the climbers, to chains or hoops, this is the piercing that just keeps giving. It generally heals quite quickly and the pain is so far from what I expected!”

Apprentice Body Piercer

Adi Magaw

”Your body is your own, and how we present it reflects the way we view our true selves. Whether it’s changing your hair, wearing an outfit you love, getting tattooed, or adding a new piercing to your ears. All of these things allow us to fall a bit more in love with who we are. Body piercing is special in the way that it makes us feel unique, even if it’s a simple sparkly lobe piercing. Being at Luar is something I am very proud of. I feel honored to be the person helping you to be the truest, most authentic version of you there is. My favorite moment is when you look at your new piercing for the first time, and for a moment time stands still. It’s very special to be a body piercer, and share these intimate moments. My most favourite piece is our ‘Cereja Top!’ It’s a pair of pink CZ’s set in 14k solid gold - little cherries! It is chefs kiss, so cute! My favorite piercing is definitely the septum. You can wear so many different styles of jewelry that help you feel more confident and unique!”