Without required ID we will NOT be able to perform any piercing services. There are no exceptions.

Please refer to our price list to view all necessary age requirements for each individual piercing! Age restrictions are posted beside each piercing for your health and safety. These age limits have been put in place by our Senior Professional Piercers- having years of experience, education, and industry knowledge. There will be no exceptions for this policy regardless of parental authorization.


**please read to the end**

1 Piece of government issued ID for minor being pierced


1 Piece of government issued photo ID from parent or legal guardian with the same last name as minor being pierced 

Acceptable ID includes:  Care Card, BCID, Passport, Birth certificate or Driver’s License (we do not accept school ID's).

**If the last names of parent and minor do not match: We require a full birth certificate or legal court document, with both the parent and minors first and last names. This is necessary to prove legal guardianship. Along with 1 piece of the required ID from both the parent & minor**

If the parent is unable to give consent in person and the minor is 16+, a signed letter of authorization (with copies of valid government issued ID from the parent/guardian with the same last name as the minor being pierced) will be accepted.


1 Piece of government issued photo ID

Acceptable ID includes: Drivers License, Care Card, BCID, Passport


As we are a high-volume studio, any missed or late appointments without notice or communication, will subject to a $40 no-show fee, per service booked. Any cancellations within 24 hours of your appointment are also subject to a cancellation fee that is listed in our cancellation policy.